Wrong House Right Decision

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Wrong House Right Decision

 Tammy looked at the address again, written on a little slip of paper. ?I?m on the right street?, she thought, as she continued down the road. There was no one around to ask. The street was void of all life, except for a squirrel here and there, searching for some nuts to enjoy.

She had never done what she was doing now before: meeting a stranger at his house for some hot one-on-one action. Tammy was a healthy, horny single woman who had done without for too long. Tired of the bar scene, she had decided to venture into the world of the Internet, and see who she could find who might fulfill her desires.
Tammy looked at the number sexxxx video ful hd on the mailbox that was on the left. It read, ?826?, its numbers at an angle on the side. ?This is it?, she thought, the butterflies in her stomach deciding to flutter around just then. She shook the feeling away. Ever confident, she felt strong about this guy, that he was safe.

She pulled into the long driveway and drove past some trees that hugged it as it wound here and there up to the house. The house itself was largely hidden from the street. As she pulled up to the front, she saw several cars and trucks scattered around the edges of the driveway.

Tammy was puzzled. Ed had never mentioned there were others living with him. It didn?t seem likely he would have a /party/">party on the day they were going to hook up, either. She pulled out her cell phone and dialed his number. All she got was his answering machine. She left a brief message, trying to keep her irritation from showing in her voice.

Opening her car door, she got out and surveyed the house. There was a slight movement in one of the windows. ?Someone?s home?, she thought. Maybe his phone didn?t work.
Tammy walked to the front door. She had dressed sexy, wearing a short skirt and a spaghetti-strap top. She had opted not to wear any lingerie, loving the feel of the air on her open pussy. Her nipples poked through her shirt. Knocking on the door, she was surprised to find a good-looking guy with a smile on his face staring out at her.
?Can I help you?? He offered. ?I?m not sure?, Tammy answered. ?This is the right address.?
?Well, great! Then come in! All of us are just having some drinks and watching the game. Can I get you something?? He pulled Tammy in to the house gently. ?What?s your name??
?Tammy. My name is Tammy.? He had a nice smile. A drink would calm her down until she could get this all sorted out. ?I?m Sam. Glad to have you.? Sam led her into the house, introducing her to the several /men/women-men/men-and-women/">men and women who were scattered throughout the room, until they came into the kitchen.
?What will it be? A beer? A glass of wine? We have everything.? Tammy chose a glass of red wine. It wasn?t long before she discovered she was at the wrong house.
?I think I know the guy you were going to meet. It?s just down the street. But his address is ?826?. Oh, I know. The ?9? on my mailbox lost a tack. It must have swung down.?

Tammy looked around the room. It was a nice party. ?Well, if you don?t mind, I?ll stay here a bit. He isn?t answering his phone anyway. Would that be okay?? Sam laughed.
?Another beautiful woman in my house? Naw, I don?t mind!? They both laughed. Sam invited her to look around, and left to check on his other guests. Tammy walked to the living room, electing to mingle with the group watching the game on television. During the next half hour, some of the guys re-introduced themselves and chatted her up.
She felt many of their eyes on her, but Tammy was used to being the focus of attention. She had always exuded a type of sexuality that attracted all types of men to her. She almost never bought a drink at a bar.
Several times she tried to call Ed, but she kept on getting his machine. She decided to get comfortable at Sam?s. All his friends, both the guys and the gals, were very nice, and the drinks seemed to keep coming, appearing at her side whenever her glass grew empty.

After a couple of hours, she got up to take a look at the rest of the house. She walked down a hallway past the bathroom, and peeked in rooms. More often than not, she opened a door to find a couple fucking on the bed, or bent over some chair. She chuckled, and felt that familiar tingle in her body that signaled her horniness was getting revved up.
At the end of the hallway there was some stairs that led downward. She followed them to the basement, where the lights were dimmer and candles were the primary source of illumination. There was a bathroom, with a shower, and in a side room, a king-size bed that showed a lot of use. The sheets were fresh, but pulled back invitingly.

A voice behind her startled her. It was Sam. ?Are you okay, Tammy? Would you like to lie down?? She giggled, the effects of the wine clearly having taken effect, and moved to nuzzle against him.
?Well, I?m very disappointed at my date, Sam. But this has been nice.? She looked up at him, their faces close, and he bent his head to hers. A kiss followed. First he kissed her on the lips. Then she kissed him.

?I really am horny, Sam?, she confessed. He laughed gently. ?How horny are you, Tammy. There are a lot of guys here who think you are hot.? As if by signal, a man popped his head in the door.
Tammy looked Sam, surprised by the intrusion. Her mind was saying, ?No!? Her mouth, however, said something quite different. ?Whatever, Sam. I?m all yours!?
Sam led her over to the bed, and she began to undress. First, she pulled her shirt off. Her /breasts/small-breasts/">small breasts flopped down as her shirt went up over her head. The other man, whose name was Mike, moved to her side and began to lick her nipples.

Tammy pushed her skirt down, and both Sam and Mike helped her, pulling her panties off along with her skirt. When it hit the floor, she stepped out of it and stood naked before the two guys. Mike pressed her slightly on her stomach, and Tammy fell back on to the bed, her head fuzzy and her pussy warm with anticipation.
Her voice broke the silence. ?I don?t know, guys?, she stammered, but Sam reached into a drawer and pulled some handcuffs out. Tammy could only watch as he and Mike cuffed her wrists to the posts of the bed. Now she knelt on all fours, her face at the bottom of the bed, her arms stretched wide. She couldn?t move.

Mike and Sam began to undress, discussing with each other what they wanted to do with Tammy. She didn?t even try to talk now. ?What was happening?? Her mind, foggy from the wine, tried to understand how she had gotten to this point of being forced to have sex with these guys.
Sam crawled on the bed behind her. She turned her head to see what he was doing, but Mike pulled her face around to him. He stood before her, his cock straight out, a thick 7 inches, and pressed it to her lips. Tammy shook her head. ?I can?t do this?, she screamed inwardly.

Mike, gentle but firm, grasped her hair and bent her face back up to his awaiting cock. ?Come on, Tammy, open up.? She felt Sam?s hands on her outer thighs, then his mouth on her pussy. Her whole body surged with this electric sensation. She was both frightened and turned on.
As she gasped, her mouth fell open, and Mike slipped his cock between her lips. She started to gag, but Mike kept his cock only a couple of inches inside her so she could adjust. Giving in to her predicament, Tammy began to suck Mike?s long rod. He groaned with pleasure as she let her tongue slid around his shaft as he thrust xxx sex video download free com himself in and out of her.
Tammy felt her whole body going numb from the delicious sensation of Sam licking her pussy. He laid his head back, and she followed him down, opting to press her soft, wet heat against his mouth. His tongue slipped inside her, and it was her turn to groan out loud.

The light suddenly came on in the room, and a girl and two guys came in to watch. Tammy?s face turned red, aware that she was now the center of attraction in a scenario she had never asked for. The girl came over to the bed and began to massage Tammy?s breasts. ?Are you our slut today?, she asked, eying Tammy from the side.
?Yes?, the woman answered her own question, ?you are our slut.? With that, she knelt down and took Tammy?s hanging breast in her mouth. For the next few minutes, all that could be heard in the room were groans, sucking and licking noises, and the pump of Mike?s cock in and out of Tammy?s mouth.

Everyone else who had been upstairs came in now, and the room was filled with their voices as they both discussed what was going on, and spoke encouragement to all who were involved in the sex.
Sam pushed Tammy?s ass up, and then moved around to mount her from behind. His cock, over 8 inches and thick, spread her folds in a fierce thrust. She gasped at his size inside her. With the woman beneath her, Mike /mouth/mouth-fuck/fucking-her-mouth/">fucking her mouth and Sam /pussy/pussy-fuck/fucking-her-pussy/">fucking her pussy, Tammy could only ride the wave of their desire. Of course, she was getting pleased, too.

Mike began to cum, pulling his cock back a bit so that Tammy could swallow his load. She hadn?t counted on taking his cum inside her, but there wasn?t anything she could do about it. His cum spurted into her mouth, and she gulped it down as quickly as she could. He had a lot to give her, and she was oddly proud that she was able to take it all in.
She continued to lick and suck his cock until he had enough. When he stepped back, another man took his place. Tammy looked around the room. All eyes were on her. ?Come on, Tammy, you slut! Everyone wants to fuck you!?

Another of the /women/">women knelt by her face. ?Take a shot!? Tammy accepted the whiskey, taking it in one gulp and then coughing at its harshness. The room erupted in cheers and she smiled. The woman beneath her had begun to lick her pussy while Sam fucked her.
She also massaged and licked at his balls, and soon Sam couldn?t hold his load any longer. He began to cum inside her. ?No condom?, Tammy thought. ?Oh, no!?
He rode her ass until completion. When he pulled out, the woman opened her mouth and he slipped it inside. She licked him clean Another woman came over and began to take her clothes off.
After her panties were gone, Tammy bent her head down and began to lick the woman?s pussy. It seemed to Tammy that it was she, and she alone who was the primary source of entertainment for the evening. Ed was forgotten. Ed was an /asshole/">asshole!

While she pleasured the woman, another man came and took Sam?s place, sliding his unprotected cock inside her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. Tammy began to feel a tingle insider her loins as the man thrust himself in and out of her, and the woman licked and nibbled her clit.

Sure enough, when the man came several minutes later, she came, too. The woman beneath her lapped up Tammy?s juices, and any of the man?s cum that slipped out of her pussy. Then she began to cum, too. Tammy devoured her mound when she began to taste the increased flow of the woman?s orgasm. The other people in the room began to cheer.
The next hour went like this: she would give blowjobs to the guys who fed her their cocks, and was fucked in her pussy and asshole from behind. All the while she was handcuffed to the posts. The woman who had gotten involved spent her entire time either licking and sucking her breasts, or plucking at her nipples.

At times Tammy felt the pain of her pinching, but the sensations in her body began to merge into one giant pool of excitement as she began to have multiple orgasms in the midst of her being violated by the crowd gathered in the room.
Everyone had her. After two hours had passed, Sam took her handcuffs off. Gratefully, Tammy collapsed back onto the bed, and the men descended on her again, fucking her in all three holes repeatedly. Someone had even begun to film the whole thing.

Soon Tammy?s mouth was tired. She could hardly open her mouth to take in another cock. Once more Sam opened the drawer, and this time he pulled out a ring gag, that kept her mouth open. At first it hurt, her mouth stretched even wider than before. But she soon relaxed, allowing her mouth to mold around it.
The men got excited at this new move, and once again she was getting fucked in the mouth as much as she was getting fucked in the pussy or ass. At one point the other woman involved, being also licked and touched by the men, pushed herself over Tammy?s open mouth and emptied her orgasm into her.

The change in fluids tasted good to Tammy. The woman then bent down and gave Tammy a tongue bath that was much better than Sam had done. She had another orgasm.
After a while, the crowd began to thin. Some of the guys paired off with the women and went upstairs to fuck on their own. Soon Tammy was left with just Sam, Mike, and a black guy who had a bigger cock than any of them.

Sam shut the door. ?Tammy, how are you doing?? His face showed genuine concern. ?I thought you might be into this sort of thing. I took a chance.? She looked at him, too tired to get angry.
She couldn?t talk with the device in her mouth. She motioned for him to take if off her. Sam gently undid it from her head, and Tammy closed her mouth in relief. She laid on the bed, the men watching her, and did nothing.

After about ten minutes, she sat up. ?None of you guys wore condoms, Sam. You realize I?m going to be /pregnant/">pregnant? And I don?t even know who the father is going to be.? No one said a word.
Finally, she shrugged. ?I?m too tired to go home now. Who?s next?? She grinned at the black man, who stood up and came over to her. Tammy leaned her head over the edge of the bed. ?Let?s see how far in I can take that /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock of yours?.

The next day, Ed called her, wondering what had happened. Tammy explained that she had gone to the wrong house, but that she also had tried to phone him over and over. When Ed asked to meet up again, Tammy declined.

?Thanks, Ed, but I met another man last night. I?m going to see how it goes with him.? She /hung/">hung up the phone, and thought, ?Yeah, I?m going to see how it goes with Sam---and Mike, and Sue, and?? She laughed to herself.
Getting gangbanged was pretty fun, after all.