Plans for a twosome I watched this time

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Plans for a twosome I watched this time

Our third outing was slightly different to the last 2.

The /first-time/">first time was all 3 of us, my girlfriend, my friend and me all active. Both of us guys having sex with my girlfriend. (Plans for a threesome part 2)

The second time she took him to bed alone leaving me downstairs to wonder what was going on while I was able to hear the bed and floor creaking right above my head and the occasional bang, or her moaning and (muffled by the fact that I and they were separated by the floor/ceiling) telling him to fuck her as hard as he possibly could.

This time she wanted him to use her in front of me and had told me she didn?t want me to touch her or interact in any way until he had finished using her body.

I was unsure how I was going to react to just sitting there watching him and her together while unable to take part until they?d had their fill of each other. I agreed anyway and said I?d have to see how I felt about the situation at the time.

The night started the way any friendly night would with drinks and banter. We decided to go to a pub close by and tease the staff, ourselves knowing what we?d be up to in about an hour or so and them not. We were firing innuendo after innuendo at them and they didn?t cotton on but we were getting more and more aroused knowing how the situation actually was.

After a few drinks and about an hour and a half of flirty chatting and innuendos we walked home. We sat and had another drink and I just listened to my girlfriend and my friend talking about what things they?d like to do to each other. One of the things that turns me on more than anything is when she licks the little dew drop of pre-cum from the end of his member. She knows this is a MAJOR turn on for me, so when she does it she looks straight into my eyes and slowly runs the tip of her tongue from under the head of his helmet and through the groove at the tip collecting the dew drop then without breaking eye contact she returns her tongue to her mouth and swallows before closing her eyes and sucking him until she can do it again. It only took a few minutes for her to bring this up and that was me as hard as a rock and sticking out like a branch from a tree. She gave me a cheeky look. This banter continued for about 10 minutes until she could contain herself no longer and got up, walked over to him, took his hand and led him to the doorway. She paused at the doorway and looked at me and said ?We?re going up because I need some cock in me, if you are coming up make sure the doors are locked and the windows are all closed?. I knew this meant that she wanted just a few minutes alone with him before I entered the room. I dutifully followed my instructions taking my time to check the doors and windows twice.

I entered the room to see them both kissing and petting. I could see he was straining at his leash to be freed from the constraints of his pants but she was teasing him and making him wait as long as she could before allowing him to escape from his chastisement. He slowly unbuttoned her shirt to reveal her small but pert and shapely breasts. She?s a petite girl, very tidy body and very sexy. 5?3?, 34, 28, 36. She dropped her arms and the shirt fell to the floor. I climbed on the bed and kissed her neck while placing my hands on her waist. She stopped kissing him and told me in no uncertain terms ?this is his night with me you have to wait for your turn on this ride?. She gently but forcefully pushed me away while she turned and continued to kiss her partner for the evening. She stripped him of his clothes quickly first his shirt then his pants. As she ran his pants down his legs his cock popped out right in front of her eyes. It was wet with pre-cum with a large glob about to drop from the end. Without a second thought she grabbed his cock, looked me straight in the eye and ran the whole length of her tongue along the tip of his swollen head collecting every remnant of his juice before moaning while swallowing it. She gave a dirty grin and started to suck him, slowly at first but then getting harder and faster. She stopped every now and then and squeezed his prick from base to tip to bring more of his fluids out so she could tease me by consuming his salty brine.

I had freed my warrior and was stroking him while he stood to attention as if saluting his king. He turned her around with force and pulled her back to him so her arse was against his groin. They started dry humping while he battled with the clasp to her pants. Finally, after a couple of minutes of fumbling, her pants were undone and his hand was inside playing with my property. He knew how the situation was and if I wanted it to stop I would make that clear and that?s where it would end. He looked at me and asked ?are you ok with me playing with your property??

I replied ?I haven?t said stop yet?

She looked at me and said ?it?s nothing to do with you if he wants to play with me, sticks his fingers in me, wants to fuck me or even fills me up with his cream. It?s my body and I want him do what ever he wants with it? she turned her mouth to his and while kissing him said ?fuck me now?.

Her pants disappeared and I was surprised to find that she hadn?t been wearing any /underwear/">underwear. She sat on the bed and shuffled further onto it, he followed as if enchanted by a spell. She lay next to me and slowly spread her legs, her hands moved down and parted her lips and he placed his warriors head at the entrance to her body. She made him pause while she turned to me and said ?now you?ll watch while I get fucked by him and you will fucking like it or I?m withdrawing your privileges. I nodded. She looked at him and nodded and with that his cock was buried inside her and her eyes rolled back. They started slowly making love and as she got hotter and wetter she moved her hands down to his arse cheeks and started to pull him deeper with each thrust until he was hammering away at her porn videos download as if he was trying to knock through the wall into the next room. She was moaning continually as orgasm after orgasm rolled through her body. I could feel her shaking but his tempo was unending as he pounded her. Her hand moved over to mine and squeezed as if she was in an immense amount of pain. I asked her ?are you ok?

She replied ?tell him to /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder?

I looked at him shrugged my shoulders and ordered him ?fuck her harder dude?

Her body was convulsing with /ecstasy/">ecstasy while he buried his warrior as deep as he could with every thrust, his pelvic bone audibly knocking against hers. She placed her hand on his chest and pushed him away as she raised herself. He was now sat on his knees with xxx her astride him supporting herself on her arms. She called to me and asked me to help her support herself. I moved behind her and placed my body against hers so she could lean against me while he continued to use her. She half turned her head and said to me ?it?s your fault I?m such a slut now. If you hadn?t wanted to try a threesome so much I wouldn?t have got a taste for new cock. I /cock/love-cock/">love cock. I love getting fucked?

I countered ?you are the one who brought up the threesome thing in the first place. I think you?ve always secretly been a slut?

With that another roll of orgasmic pleasure ran through her. He now lifted her, her legs wrapped around him in an unfaltering embrace. He took her to the wall and while supporting both of their weight placed her back against the wall and continued to have his way with ?my property?. If there was ever a time when 2 people might have become one this would have been as good as any. Now as far as she was concerned they were the only 2 people in the world and their mission was to fuck until the end of time. I was so turned on by the sight in front of me that I almost lost my load but quickly brought myself back under control. I could see she was becoming limp from the strain of holding on but before I could open my mouth she was on the move. For the first time since starting their love lock they were now 2 separate people again. She moved back to the bed with her arse held high and her back dipped to show him everything that was on show. Her labia were spread apart and her juices were running out and dripping on the bed. Again she looked at me and again she told me ?tell him to fuck me?.

Again I told him ?fuck her?

He had a look in his eye that I?ve never seen in the 10 years I?ve known him. It was a purposeful look of a man that was going to take whatever he wanted at any cost. With her arse in the air he could clearly see his target and with the precision of an optical engineer he ploughed his cock into it. She gave a half scream/half moan as her face contorted with pain and pleasure her eyes closed tight and after 3 or 4 seconds opened wide as she took a deep breath, the kind of breath an extreme freediver might take before dropping below the surface. ?OOOOOHHH GOOOOOOOOD?. I was sure the whole street?no?neighbourhood had heard that. She looked at me and while he was thrusting in and out of her all she could muster to say was ?my??arse? with a mixed look of guilt (because she had never let me up there) pleasure, pain, new found sexuality and god knows how many more emotions. She didn?t? stop him though and after the first 2 minutes of him pounding her virgin hole she started to cum like never before.

As she was coming down from her explosive /orgasm/anal-orgasm/">anal orgasm he announced he was going to cum to which she responded ?Don?t stop. Keep fucking me until you finish inside me?. He did and burst his balls up her arse, to the sound of him and her both moaning I was also about to burst too which she knew was about to happen judging by the look on my face and planted her mouth around my cock. I shot and shot and shot, my whole body convulsing as I thrust by warrior into her mouth as far as it would go. She didn?t swallow straight away so once he?d pulled out from behind her and his man milk ran from her arsehole and down over her swollen lips she looked as if she was completely full of cum, so full that it was leaking from her, top and bottom. She lay there for a while watching us both watching her while our juices flowed from her. Then she swallowed my juice and felt the open hole that used to be a tight sphincter covered in ejaculate. She even fingered her arse for a couple of minutes while we just stood and watched.

We got dressed and returned downstairs. He went into the living room and my girlfriend and I went to the kitchen. She told me that what she?d said earlier was only in the heat of the moment and that if I?d have actually wanted it to stop I could have said so at any point and it would have ended there and then with no other questions asked. I said ?are you fucking kidding me? There?s no way I was stopping any of that, it was way to hot.? She told me I was the only man she wanted to be with emotionally and kissed me tenderly. All I could think about while we kissed was her running her whole tongue over the tip of his prick to collect his dew.

Since then she has told me she has been thinking about me and other /women/">women. She?s given me the go ahead to find one and we?ve been in contact with an ex girlfriend of mine who we think fits the bill quite nicely. She?s also shown interest in another friend of mine.

Plans for a /foursome/">foursome, maybe moresome?