Silent Trucker

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Silent Trucker

Years ago I used to hang out at a roadside park near my home along I-45. One of the hottest times I had there was late afternoon. I was the only person there sitting on a concrete picnic table watching traffic speed past.

A heard a truck slowing down to exit and looked up to see an 18 wheeler hauling a load of steel pulling into the park. From what I could tell as the truck rolled past, the driver was a big man ’ just what I liked. Those chubby bears are the hottest men on the planet. He rolled to a stop about 30 /feet/">feet past the table where I sat and climbed down out of the truck to begin inspecting his load. I watched every move he made as he used a length of pipe to tighten the chains that had loosened up since his last stop. He was a massive man with a big black beard and I did my best to undress him with my eyes, thinking that was as close as I would get to him.

Once he was satisfied that the load of the wwwxxx steel was secure he returned the pipe to the compartment underneath the driver’s side door. To my /surprise/">surprise he did not climb back into the cab to leave. He came around the truck and headed straight for the table where I was sitting. As he got closer I smiled. His pleasant face didn’t smile or frown. He walked to the end of the table, backed up against it, undid his jeans and laid on his back with his arms stretched above his head.

His hairy belly was exposed and his pants were halfway to his knees. Nothing was said, I just walked around to stand between those tree-trunk legs and began rubbing his belly. His /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock responded immediately. The scent of him was intoxicating. I could tell he was not long out of the shower but that he had done enough work to smell like a man and not a bar of soap.

Before his cock was fully erect I licked it from balls to head. A long sigh let me know that he appreciated the attention. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. One hand was dedicated to exploring his hairy torso and the other pumping my cock.

I took his growing cock into my mouth and buried my nose into the soft flesh and hair above his cock. He was six inches when fully erect ’ perfect for sucking as deep and hard as you like. I worked slowly up and down his shaft listening to his heavy breathing and feeling his belly shiver with pleasure.

It must have been a long time since he had this kind of attention because he begin the slightest of thrusts when I took his head into my throat. I responded by forcing my face into his crotch and squeezing his cock-head with my throat. He began pushing up as far as he could and the heavy breathing turned into a low moan. I pumped my cock faster and sucked his cock harder. His cock suddenly expanded in my mouth and then exploded. The first ropes of cum felt like they were sprayed from a water hose. My cock followed suit. It was all I could do to keep wwwxxx from spraying cum all over the front of his jeans. I swallowed his throbbing cock and held it in my throat while he emptied his balls into my throat. Moments later we were both drained and content.

I let his cock slide from my lips when it was no longer hard and stepped back. When he sat up there was a little grin on his big baby face. He stood up, pulled up his jeans and fastened them. With that little smile still playing at the corners of his mouth, he headed back to his truck and a few minutes later was on his way again. Don’t know if he couldn’t speak or just decided not to but he is always my first thought when a hot blow job comes to mind.