My DaughterinLaw is Hot

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My DaughterinLaw is Hot

100% fiction!

My /daughter/">daughter-in-law is hot as hell, and she loves to show her body off.

In her 30's, /tits/nice-tits/">nice tits that she shows with low cut blouses and a big bubble butt that she put's in tight jeans and short skirts. She has a bit of a reputation dating several men before hooking up with my /son/">son, but since she has been married she seems to have settled down.
But she is always around distracting me with her hot little body at family gatherings, in the summer she drives me /crazy/">crazy showing off her /thong/">thong or bending over in front of me with her cleavage showing to where I was beating off to the pictures I was able to get of her discreetly of her butt in tight pants or a cleavage shot. And when she is in a bath suit, Oh those thighs and her tummy!

So finally the 4th of July weekend where the whole family plus friends where camping at a group camp in the mountains on a lake.

I was in heaven watching all these 20-30 year old's running around in bathing suits, especially Kris and her friend Mandy, tall big boobed Mandy, another masturbating partner, but Kris was just hot as hell.
I was watching her play volleyball and got a /boner/">boner, titties giggling, ass bouncing in a skimpy little bikini which was white and you could just see an impression of her nipples when it was wet.

That night after dinner the beers got to flowing around the camp fire and Kris is still wearing her bathing suit even though most everyone else had changed to shorts and shirts, I love to see her belly button, nice little scar, and the lines of her legs headed to the glory hole.
Later the girls decided to make some snacks so people wouldn't get to drunk too fast and got up and started working in the camp kitchen and I decided to help. While working with Kris I brushed the back of my hand against her thigh (on purpose) and then apologized.
She looked at me and said, "That's quite all right" with a smile and stayed right next to me. So I looked her up and down with a long lingering on her boobs and she just smiled back!

The rest of the weekend I stayed away from her, (but close enough to see that body), worried about consequences from the grope. On the last night of our camping trip the girls all got together and did a clothed sexy skit which included a bump and grind routine which had boners growing all over the our camp, and neighboring ones too! Kris was a star with her /ass/nice-ass/nice-ass-shaking/">nice ass shaking in everyone's face.

So the next week it's back to work and didn't see any family for a couple of month's. Then on Labor day weekend, we had a barbecue at our house free porn movies download with most of the same people that attended the camping trip.
Kris and Mandy where as hot as ever, but Kris, the object of this story was wearing a wife beater, with no bra, and a pare of short shorts showing a bunch of ass! But, she had a bag in her hand and asked to use the shower, dam it!

So I get the food going and then she comes out to the back deck and she is stunning, wearing a pair of nylon pants that show her, well those pants really didn't hide anything. And her top was a cotton button down sheer enough to see her white push-up bra and enough buttons undone to make it interesting.

So I am cooking, going in and out of the house to prepare dinner and she comes inside a couple times, talking to me once for about ten minutes, asking me if I liked her performance at the camp ground,
at this point my cock is straining against my pants and just I realize she might notice, I can see she already has.

She giggles and heads to the fridge right next to me and grabs a beer, and while she is bent over I reach over and grabbed a handful!
She stands up, turns around, pecks my cheek and walks out!
The rest of the day was spent visiting, but one time she winked at me with a big smile on her face.
The next few weeks where occupied with work, grand kids, stuff full hd xvideo download and weather.

So one fall evening when the wife is working a night shift I hear a knock on my back door, thinking it is my neighbor, I open the door and Kris is standing there in her office clothes she wears every day, a blouse and miniskirt and asked if she could use the phone.
I told her no and threw her out, ha ha, not!
She called home and said she would be late.

Then she walks into the living room and sits down on the couch so I follow. She sits and, she starts unbuttoning her blouse, then pulls her skirt up so, I can see her panties and her legs all the way up the her crotch, I love her thighs, very nice. And now she is dropping her skirt on the floor, and she is wearing a pair of lacy blue, boy cut panties. She gets up and twirls around so I can get a look then turns her back to me. I walk up grab that beautiful ass then unhook her bra, pull her toward me and wrap my hands around and cup her wonderful titties, she pushes her ass against my rigged cock, I suck her neck and just live in the moment, she spins around and cups her breasts offering them to me so I suck and chew in her eraser nipples until they are hard.

I take her hand and head to the bedroom grabbing her tits and playing with her ass and working towards her pussy.
So now she is laying on the bed with that smile and I asked if I can take them off now?

I pulled them off and buried my face in a fresh, totally clean shaved pussy, pushing her legs further apart so I could get at that clitty, and she loved it, every time I hit her spot she yelled with delight, Told her if she didn't stop screaming like that I was going to cum in my pants.
She sat up and told me she had a cure for that, grabbed my belt and moved me around next to the bed and removed my belt, unzipped and pulled the warrior out, then started kissing my dick head and then licking the bottom and all the way up and down 3-4 times then finally she wrapped it in that beautiful smile, wonderful.

I am standing in front of my seated daughter-in-law, who is naked, and she is sucking my cock, it wasn't very long before I needed to come, I warned her in case she wanted to stop and she just looked up at me which made my think she was waiting for it!
Since cumming in a woman's mouth is one of my biggest turn ons I let loose and she opened her mouth wide while I pumped my /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-her-mouth/">cum in her mouth, when I slowed she sucked me while my whole body jerked to her tongue licking the bottom of the head.
She then laid down and invited me to lay with her, I laid my head on her shoulder and closed my eyes for a minute, after about 10-15 minutes she rolls over and throws her leg over mine and starts slowly rubbing her pussy on my leg. And then she is licking my nipple while her knee is pushing my cock around and my leg against her pussy is starting to get wet.

When she can see I am getting hard she crawls over and rubs he pussy on my cock while sticking her tits in my face I try and grab her nipples with my mouth while she swings them around slapping me on the cheek a couple of times, and when she noticed I was hard again she reached down and guided me into her cunt, man that was nice, she is totally wet, and the fact that her pussy isn't tight fucking turns me on more, this is a passionate woman that loves sex, even with her father-in-law!

Now she does something that is the hottest thing I love, she starts fucking my cock with her pussy, I just lay there with my hard-on and she fucks it with her pussy. I pull us over to the side so I can see her fucking my cock in the mirror on the dresser, "that's nasty" she says" what?"
"You, fucking me", I said. "Cool" she said. "Now it is my turn" she rolled off and said, "Come here", I climbed on top and she helped me stick my cock in her.

We made love for about another 20 minutes, besides the fact this woman was beautiful, the fact that she was 22 years younger than I, had that wonderful smile, those thighs, that Body! And wanted to have sex with me, when I came it was /best/best-sex/the-best-sex/">the best sex I have ever had in my life, pumping that smooth pussy full of cum with one tit in my hand and my daughter-in-law giving me a hickey, yea she is sucking on my neck, like she is trying to get me in trouble, you nasty little slut, suck it!