My New Girlfriend

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My New Girlfriend

"Note, none of the following events actually took place.

I had first met Kathleen In grade 7, my first year of junior high. She was a very shy girl who wasn't aware of her beauty. She seemed to be an , who liked a few sports, but didn't have much interest in boys. This year, in grade 8 nothing seemed to have changed.

She was great at badminton, a sport in which I excel in, and in grade 7 she took 4th in the regionals (I took 2nd). This year in grade 8 it seemed that she had improved, I has a real challenge in beating her and once and a while she would beat me (something she took great pleasure in bragging about). In grade 7, she had had an almost undeveloped body, barely any breasts, but, in grade 8, she had nice little mounds. There are girls in grade 8 who are much more developed, but for some reason, I was drawn to Kathleen. It seemed to me that sometimes she was flirting with me, but I wasn't sure. One day for the early tryouts my coach told me to try mixed doubles (two people on each team one male, one female), I didn't know why, the year before I was in boys singles, I didn't work well in doubles. But the real came when he paired me with Kathleen!

We played against some other people who were trying out, but it seemed that she was bumping into me a lot, and brushing my but often and a couple times even my dick. I was glad that I was wearing a baggy shirt because otherwise the bump in my shorts would have been the joke in the school for a long time! I decided to test weather this was accidental or done on purpose, as we played, I brushed her tight, a few times. She didn't seem to mind, as if you do something she doesn't like, she gives you the evil eye. At the end of practice she gave me a shy smile and walked into the girls changing room. How I wished that I could follow Kathleen into there, undress her undress my self, have some fun, and dress her again. But that was just wishful thinking! It was after schools practice so I left the school and started to walk home when I heard someone calling my name from behind me. I turned around and saw Kathleen running to catch up to me, I stopped and waited for her, but she was running fast. When she caught up to me, I smiled and looked at her, wondering what she was chasing after me for. "Hi Kathleen." I said maintaining my smile. "Hi," she said, somewhat bashfully. "I thought that we could walk home together as far as my home." I was quite surprised but said yes, not wanting to pass on the opportunity. We started walking home, but I had to wonder because she lives a good distance from me.

We were talking about badminton, school, friends, normal teen subject when suddenly she stopped turned to face me and kissed me. It took me by surprise and I was for once, speechless. I liked what I got though, and I was the one who started the next kiss, this one lasting longer and with some tongue involved. While we in the embrace, my hand moved on its own to her nice little but, I squeezed and she gave a little moan in my mouth, turning me on even more. We ended our kiss and I caught my breath while I thought what to do next. "Do you want to come to my house?" Was the first thing that came into my mind, for some reason that just blurted out and I couldn't control it, but that's what I wanted to say! "Yeah, sure," she said with a teasing smile. We walked to my house while discussing our plans for going out, where, and when. It was her to my house and I lived in a newer neighborhood and she lives in an older region of the city, so she was amazed at the size of our house. I then showed her to the inside and she was even more amazed! I gave her a snack to eat (as I do when I get home from school) while I called my mom. I was worried about what mom would say and if she would let Kathleen and I in the house alone, (she tends to worry a lot) but it wasn't that at all. In fact, it was great! She said it would be ok but that she had to stay at work late to finish some work. I said bye and up to find that Kathleen had sneaked up behind me and when I hung up she hugged me from behind and asked, "how'd it go?" "I turned my head to look at hers which was resting on my right shoulder and replied, "It's fine, but she said that she'll be late getting home. Her usual time to get home is about 5:30 so she won't be home until about 6 o'clock!" "Great!" She replied, with a mischievous look on her face, I could only hope it meant what I had been wanting since that kiss on the way home.

I showed her my room and she was impressed since I had just had it redone a year previous. She sat down on my double size bed and I sat next to her, we faced each other and began another long kiss. I could feel her pushing into my chest and my cock went hard again. We kissed like this for a bit and then continued as we lay down on my bed. She apparently felt my stiff cock begging for fun as she put a hand to my crotch and squeezed the bulge in my pants. This made me groan as it felt soooo good. Before I knew it she had two hands jacking me off but I found out that wasn't what she was doing, I felt my stiff and restrained cock go into the open air. I knew what all this was going to lead to but if we did it in my bedroom, my mom would find out and she would get pissed off! "We can't do this here! My mom will find out and soon we'll both be in a crap load of trouble, how about the bathroom?" "Sounds great!" She said as I forced her to take her hands off my cock, although I didn't want her to stop! We went into the bathroom next door to my bedroom and when we were in I asked "should we go in the big shower or the jet bathtub?" "Jet bath tub, definitely!" Good that was what I wanted but I didn't want to force anything on her. I bent over and turned the tap on to fill the bathtub and when I straightened back up I felt arms wrapped around from the back unbuttoning my jeans. They fell to the ground and I turned to face Kathleen. I told her to lie down and when she had, I started to unbutton her jeans with my teeth. As I pulled her jeans down I made sure my chin grazed her mound, and she groaned as I did so.

When her jeans were down to her I pulled them off with my hands and went to take off her pink panties. Once I had her panties off I spread her legs and went close to her dripping pussy. I lapped her juices with my tongue and realized how good she tasted. I stuck a finger in the entrance to her virgin pussy and played with her clit until it was erect when I began to suck and gently nibble on it. She started to groan and buck her hips, but to torture her more I took two fingers and gently slid them into her virgin pussy. This brought on even more groans as she quickly approached orgasm, and then I felt her hands on the back of my head pushing me into her crotch as every muscle in her body tensed. So she wouldn't make a mess in the bathroom I stuck my mouth over her entire pussy to catch all of real forced anal against her will her delicious juices, and delicious they were! She relaxed after her orgasm when I heard a beeping noise, this was the tub's way of telling me that the tub was full, it was shutting off the water flow, and I could get in. I helped Kathleen up xnxxv sunny leone video off the floor and helped her into the tub, she sighed as the warm water enveloped her body. I got in after her, opened the control panel, and turned on the jets on low and immediately heard Kathleen sigh again as she began to relax even more. One other thing that I didn't tell Kathleen about was the moveable jet nozzle, a feature I don't know why we had on the tub. I put it in between her spread legs, turned it on, and was rewarded with continuous and loud groans. I'm sure she had an orgasm or two but I couldn't tell because she was underwater. After a bit I turned off the jet and let Kathleen relax for a bit, she then sat up and told me to sit on the ledge and to lean against the wall, I didn't hesitate! She came over to me and spread my legs, and now my stiff cock was pointed right at her. She kissed the head and gave it a little lick, this was a pleasure beyond most all pleasures, she then took as much as she could of my 6 incher in her mouth and began to slowly start a rhythm. As all the pleasure was taking hold of my body, a familiar feeling started to bubble up, I was going to cum, and hard! Finally all the pressure that was building exploded into Kathleen's mouth, Kathleen was unprepared and choked on the first couple of loads but swallowed the rest. "Wow, that tastes good!" That shocked me, most people don't like the taste of cum, but she does!

"I was weak after that explosion, more powerful than any before, so I slid into the soothing water. I waded over to Kathleen and straddled her outstretched legs to give her tiny tits some much-needed attention. I drew circles around her breasts and slowly made my way to her erect nipples and stayed just outside her nipples until her groans became less intense. When her breathing was almost normal I started to massage and tickle her nipples in which she responded by throwing her hear back and nearly losing her breath. She started no not respond to that and I brought my head down to give her tits some oral stimulation! I began to suck and soon I felt Kathleen's hands on the back of my head forcing me into her chest, but I didn't mind! During all of this my dick had started to get had again and it was poking her stomach, and she apparently noticed. "Take my virginity now," she quietly said as she loosened her grip on my head. I moved away from her but still straddling her legs asked "are you sure, it will hurt and most people want to save virginity for marriage." She thought for a moment and looked at me and said, "yes, I'm sure." "Ok then, let's get out of the tub to do this," I said wanting her to feel the full pleasure of me inside of her. I got out of the tub first laid down some towels and gave her a hand to help her out of the tub. She lay down on the towels and I grabbed another towel and slowly dried her off, enjoying the sound of her groaning. I then quickly dried my self off then kneeled in front of her and spread her legs to see her pussy dripping with her delicious juices. I stuck my cock in the entrance of her pussy and slid it up and down her crack a few times. She started to buck her hips to meet my teasing cock but I pinned her down with my hands to keep her still. I slowly moved in hearing Kathleen whimper and saw that tears were starting to form in the corners of her eyes. I moved in until I met resistance, pulled back a bit, and then went in full force.

"Kathleen muffled a scream with a towel and the tears were flowing freely now. But her pain was starting to be replaced by pleasure and she started to breathe heavily in rhythm with my thrusts. Kathleen's was the most pleasuring thing in the world as it hugged my hard on. Soon Kathleen's pussy started to constrict around my cock and the original smallness in conjunction wouldn't let me pull out as she had a massive orgasm, which set me off. I pulled out as soon as I could and stuck my cock in Kathleen's mouth, this time she swallowed it all! We laid there for a bit, regaining our strength when I stood up and helped Kathleen up and into the tub where we relaxed until I looked at the clock and found that I was 5:15! My mom was due home in 15 to 45 minutes! I got out of the tub, helped Kathleen out and them we each dried each other off, and got dressed. I gathered up the dirty towels and Kathleen and I went down stairs. I showed her to the TV room while I went down to wash the towels. When my mom got home I introduced everyone and my mom and I drove Kathleen home. As I walked Kathleen to her door and said goodbye, I knew it was going to be a good (and fun!) relationship.